Love and acceptance flow through every conversation. 
Here, every heart finds a rhythm, and every voice is cherished.
Together, let’s embrace healing in a world of unconditional love.

Welcome to a Nurturing Haven...

Where One Can Freely Express and Embark on a Journey of Healing and Acceptance

Here we’re committed to supporting you as you heal and release attachment from difficult encounters. We recognize that every individual carries unique stories and experiences, some of which may be tinged with pain, trauma and negative experiences. We believe in a compassionate and understanding approach to empower you to embrace a future filled with hope, balance, and renewed vitality.


Noe Renteria


Noe’s journey commenced within the confines of a strict religious upbringing, leading him to run away at 17. By his early 20s, he emerged as a top real estate agent, yet at 38, a divorce after a 17-year marriage prompted a profound quest for self-discovery and transformation.

Initiating his successful real estate career in 2000, Noe reached a pivotal crossroads, realizing the “American Dream” couldn’t fill the void within. For 17 years, he navigated the complexities of marriage, parenthood, and a life-altering divorce, leaving him in the throes of overwhelming emptiness.

Immersing himself in personal development, Noe turned to meditation, sparking transformative experiences that fundamentally shifted his perspective. Grounded in the truth that everything emanates from unconditional love, Noe now exudes peace and purpose. Passionate about sharing his spiritual gifts, he serves as the intuitive voice for those on the cusp of transformation to unveil the most inspired iteration of yourself.

It is from this state of unconditional love that “Healing Conversations” emerged one morning — a sanctuary where diverse souls gather to share their stories and experience healing. Embark on your own transformative journey with Noe. Join our community where the vulnerability of expression is celebrated, and our collective intention is healing all under the guiding stars of love and acceptance. Your most inspired self awaits! Love you all!

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Words From the Heart​

Poems and Expressions

In the expression of human, emotions explode,
Like crashing waves on a rocky shore,
Emotions find their identity in us ever more.
We claim emotions as our own,
When fleeting and impermanent, they are known,
Yet, out of impermanence, our character is born.
Like passing clouds, emotions drift until they are no more,
Yet the imprint of emotions becomes who we are known,
Carried by the waves of the sea, we are torn.
Emotions like a river, forever flow,
We need not control where the water goes,
Observe without judgment, allow them to go.
When it is realized that I am not my emotions,
What is left there to be? The beauty in your heart will see,
We’re not defined by emotions but by the expression of our hearts,
You are unbounded love being expressed as all of creation in you,
Embrace the river’s flow, and you embrace you.
Noe R.

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