Every other Wednesday at 6pm and Thursday at 11am...

We host a zoom meetup where our community comes together to express themselves and support one another. We believe in the power of open-hearted dialogue and the profound healing that comes with it. 

Our mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment where you can freely share your experiences, challenges and triumphs, all while being embraced by a community that stands by you through every step of your journey.

Interested in Being
A Guest Speaker?

Have you journeyed through a transformative life experience that could inspire others? Are you a certified coach or healer with a passion for guiding individuals on their path to self-discovery and healing? We believe in the power of shared stories and collective growth and invite you to share.

Our Next Call is on Thursday, April 18th @ 11 AM PST

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Past Guest Speakers

Michael Abney

He’s developed a step-by-step process to help individuals identify and overcome limiting beliefs, conquer their fears, and take action to manifest the life they desire. Michael has witnessed firsthand how this system can break the chains of the past and lead to a life of joy and fulfillment. 

Janis Robinson

A dedicated contemplative professional with over two decades of experience delving into the mysteries of consciousness. In the last five years, her research has surged, particularly through her mastery of the Advanced Rapid Enlightenment Process (AREP), as taught by Matthew Ferry. Together with fellow researchers, we stand at the forefront of consciousness exploration.

Mike Dinkel

A gifted healer and an intuitive soul on an awe-inspiring life journey. His story begins with a remarkable encounter with an angel at the tender age of three. From this pivotal moment, Mike’s path has led him to become a channel, an intuitive medium, and a dedicated teacher and healer, all in the name of spreading love, acceptance, and profound healing to all who cross his path.

Jesse Giunta

A renowned psychotherapist, TEDx speaker, and certified success coach. Jesse has dedicated her career to helping countless adults who’ve felt lost discover clarity and purpose in their lives.

Frank Polancic

Frank’s insights have touched the lives of many, and his expertise is both enlightening and transformative.


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